Poole - Under 5 Admission DEC 13

Poole - Under 5 Admission DEC 13
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Price per person:  £8.50

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*Under 5 ticket: To help with social distancing, at this time these tickets do not have access to the slides; just Buccaneer SplashZone and and Ricky’s Reef.

Priority is being given to children who have purchased an under 5 ticket, in these areas, even though they would under normal circumstances be available for children slightly older to play in. Please do not be upset if your child 5+ is asked not to go into these areas or asked to come back later to see is sufficient room for them.

Adult Companion: An adult companion ticket is required to support children under the age of 5 and one must be purchased for every child under the age of 5.

Please buy two under 5 tickets, one for the child and one for the adult companion who is not using the slides. A maximum of 2 companion tickets per child are permitted.

Companion tickets do not give access to the slides, any adult who wishes to slide should pay for a full priced ticket in the normal way. You may share your sliders smart wristband with the companion adult, to take turns on the slides.

Children under 5 but over 1m :- If your child is at least 1m tall and confident in the water, and would like to use slides appropriate for their height and confidence you may opt to purchase a full priced ticket instead of an under 5 ticket. Please note not all young children will enjoy the slides and remember that they must go down the slides on their own (no rides are double or lap-riding slides). If you decide on this we would recommend that there are two people to assist the child, one to slide first, then the child, followed by the 2nd adult, in accordance with the usual waterpark slide guidance.


  • Children 12 and above may enter the waterpark unaccompanied at the risk of their parent /carer
  • Children 9-11 may use the slides at the waterpark where they have an adult in the spectator area and are accompanied by at least one other slider aged 9 or above around the waterpark
  • Children Under 9 must be supervised everywhere in the waterpark including the slides by an adult (18+) as the supervising adult you should not be directly supervising more than two children 5-8 at one time
  • Children Under 5 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis everywhere in the waterpark at all times



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